Monday, January 12, 2009

Reading Resolutions for the New Year

These we just might be able to keep!

1. I will reread a book that I loved as a child.
2. I will finally read that classic from high school that I’ve been avoiding.
3. I’ll find a book of poetry and read some aloud.
4. I’ll spend an hour in aimless browsing at a library.
5. I’ll read a book written in the year I was born.
6. I’ll create a journal and keep notes about the books and magazines I read.

7. I will assemble a list of my favorite people and send them my ideas about books - favorites, recent reads, and the like.
8. I will read a book to a child.
9. I will gather a few friends and read a play out loud.
10. I will read a book on the history of my town.
11. I will read a book written from a political point of view totally opposite my own.
12. I’ll read a book about a place I’ve never been.
13. I will reread a book that I just “didn’t get” when I was eighteen.
14. I will read a book written by a non-American.
15. I will ask a librarian to show me some print and online resources for readers.


These Reading Resolutions come to the Newport Public Library compliments of the Seattle Public Library’s Shelf Talk – another great public library blog. Meg



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