Monday, May 18, 2009

Nora Robert's Circle Trilogy

I must admit I am not usually a reader of romance novels. And Nora Roberts is not one of my favorite authors. But in the Circle Trilogy (Morrigan’s Cross, Dance of the Gods and The Valley of Silence) she has, in my humble opinion, created a story that is very entertaining, has moments of humor and power and a set of characters that are complex and memorable.

The Circle Trilogy is about a sorcerer, a witch, a scholar, a shape-shifter, a warrior and “one who was lost.” These six come together (from both Medieval and modern times) to fight the demon Queen Lilith, a vampire of tremendous power and trickery. Hoyt, the Sorcerer, is brought forward in time to the present by the goddess Morrigan to gather an “army” to fight Lilith. His twin brother Cian (pronounced Key-an), had been turned into a vampire by Lilith, has lived for MANY years, and is currently in New York City running a disco/bar. Glenna, a modern day witch, joins them there and they soon fly to Ireland to find the rest of the “army” and to train for battle.

The rest of the “army” consists of Moira (the scholar), Queen of Geall (pronounced guile) and Larken, her cousin (a shape-shifter) who both travel from the distant past to join Hoyt’s army. In Ireland they also meet Blair, a modern day Buffy (read vampire slayer) and the “army” is complete. It is these characters that kept me reading – through all three books – they are funny, brave, romantic (it is a romance, after all) and well-developed. Their dialogue is realistic and brings these six to life - although sometimes I wanted to knock a few of them over the head for their stubbornness.

The trilogy is a page-turner, even if not the height of literature. The review in BookList said “Best-seller Roberts' Celtic-flavored Circle trilogy features superbly crafted characters, three passionate romances, and a bewitching blend of magic and myth. “ I, too, recommend all three – which must be read in the order in which they were written. Meg



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